PhoneBox for iOS & Android

An instant mobile backup solution


R39pm For Unlimited Devices

About the App

PhoneBox provides the ultimate platform to enable you to securely back up and manage your mobile device.

  • Backup PhoneBox lets you safely backup your mobile contacts and content. Manage them online or from your mobile.
  • Protect PhoneBox takes every precaution to protect your data through high encryption data transfer and storage methods.
  • Restore Simply restore your data from one device to another and watch as your contacts are updated onto your new phone!
  • Self-destruct Should your phone be lost or stolen, you can wipe the content from the device in the CMS.
  • Tracker You are able to view your device's last five locations in the CMS.
  • How To Get a view of how PhoneBox works.

Backup and Management Features

A Look at the App

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